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Credit Advancement Program

 C.A.P. Course Offerings for Graduation Requirements


The Credit Advancement Program offers the following courses to meet graduation requirements through our computer-based curriculum.


English Language Arts                        

Ø       Common Core ELA  9                1 credit

Ø    Common Core ELA 10                1 credit

Ø       Common Core ELA 11                1 credit

Ø       Common Core ELA 12                1 credit



Ø       Common Core Geometry        1 credit

Ø       Common Core Algebra I          1 credit

Ø       Common Core Algebra II          1 credit

Ø       Financial Mathematics              1 credit



Ø       Earth Science        1 credit

Ø       Physical Science    1 credit

Ø        Chemistry              1 credit

Ø        Biology                   1 credit

Ø        Environmental Science   1 credit


Social Studies               

Ø       Human Geography   1 credit

Ø       World History             1 credit

Ø       U.S. History               1 credit

Ø       U.S. Government      .5 credit

Ø     ​​​​​​​Economics                1 credit



Ø  Spanish I - 1 credit

Ø  Spanish II - 1 credit         

Ø  Introduction to Art & Art History - 1 credit                              

Ø  Career Planning and Development - .5 credit

Ø  Psychology - 1 credit

Ø  Sociology - .5 credit

Ø  Strategies for Academic Success - .5 credit

Ø  Health    .5 Credit

Ø   French I    1 credit

Ø   French II    1 credit

Ø    Introduction to Communications and Speech    1 Credit

********Please see the links below for each CAP class Syllabus*********



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